The BIGGEST and LARGEST re-mailer in the USA


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    Several reasons to use our anonymous re-mail service:

      Sending anonymous letters.
      Mail Redirection.
      Special Post Mark for a special day.
      Collectors of Post Marks.
      Businesses that may want to send from a local address to their client.
      Making a love connection.
      Keep your actual location secret.
      Practical Joke.
      Voicing a complaint.
      Privacy of your real address or location while traveling.
      Report an illegal activity to Law Enforcement.
      Send an anonymous letter to report an affair.
      Settle arguments without having a direct contact.
      Inform the news media of facts that you know.
      Send a letter of forgiveness.

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    What does a remailer service do?

    You send your letter(s) to us in a larger envelope with proper postage. We in turn re-send it from a location within the USA of your choice.

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    Is it really Anonymous?

    We remove the item(s), the fee, shred the outer packaging, place the item in the mail and send it from a location of your choice. There are no records kept and any messages to us are destroyed.

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    Any Restrictions on Content?

    Only items allowed by the post office.

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    Any Guarantees?

    Due to the anonymous nature of the business we can't track any particular item since all records are destroyed.

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    Where are we located?

    Our main distribution center is located in Parker, AZ, the final post mark will be from your choice.