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Easter Postmark Information: MAIL 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE

Easter offers everyone the chance to share their expressions of love with those they care about. Re-mailing has always been a part of making Easter more special by delivering countless cards sent to loved ones across the USA.

Re-mailing goes the extra mile for love by offering to apply postmarks from many different Easter-themed cities to your cards and letters. This service is called Easter Re-Mailing, but it is not widely known about. Customers affix postage to their Easter cards or letters, address them, place them inside a larger envelope, and we will re-mail them from a  Easter-themed city.

To get a  Easter-themed postmark, mail your stamped, addressed Easter cards in a larger envelope to our USA Distribution address: Easter Re-Mailing, PO Box 5011, Parker, AZ 85344

EASTER CARD REMAILING FROM several LOCATIONS:  Indicate your selection on the order form:  order form

  Calvary GA                          
  Jerusalem AR OH                        
  New Galilee PA                          

Actual Easter postmarks from prior years