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Valentine's Day Postmark Information:  mail 10 days in advance

Valentine's Day offers everyone the chance to share their expressions of love with those they care about. Re-mailing has always been a part of making Valentine's Day more special by delivering countless cards sent to loved ones across the USA.

If you are thinking about mailing a Valentine's card to someone, did you know that there are special Valentine's Day postmarks? These postmarks can give your card that extra something that shows you really care!

Re-mailing goes the extra mile for love by offering to apply postmarks from many different love-themed cities to your cards and letters. This service is called Valentine Re-Mailing, but it is not widely known about. Customers affix postage to their Valentines, address them, place them inside a larger envelope, and we will re-mail them from a love-themed city to get that post office's special cancellation placed on their card.

The most popular of these postmarks comes from Loveland, Colorado. The Loveland Post Office normally processes approximately 200,000 Valentines from all over the world each year. Also popular, for obvious reasons, is the postmark from Valentines, Virginia, where they postmark 15,000-20,000 pieces for the special day.

We also can re-mail them from many other cities for special love-themed postmarks. Pick your favorite city and we will re-mail your cards to get their special cancellation applied to your stamps.

To get a love-themed postmark, mail your stamped, addressed Valentine's Day cards in a larger envelope to our USA Distribution address: Valentine Re-Mailing, PO Box 5011, Parker, AZ 85344

VALENTINE's CARD REMAILING FROM several LOCATIONS:  Indicate your selection on the order form:  order form

  City States                          
  Beauty KY                          
  Bliss ID NY                        
  Darling MS                          
  Deary ID                          
  EROS LA                          
  Hartville WY                          
  Heart Butte MT                          
  Juliette GA                          
  Lovejoy GA IL                        
  Lovelady TX                          
  Loveland CO OH                        
  Loveville MD                          
  Loving NM                          
  Romance AR                          
  Romeo MI                          
  Sugar City CO                          
  Valentine NE TX                        
  Valentines VA                          

Actual Valentine's Day postmarks from prior years