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Groundhog Day Postmark Information: MAIL 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE

Groundhog Day countdown banner

Visitors may have departed until next Groundhog Day, but everyone will continue to be reminded that Punxsutawney remains the Weather Capital of the World, thanks to Punxsy Phil and the post office.

Sun Prairie is the nation's OFFICIAL Groundhog Day Station --- where your letters and cards are stamped with a collectible cancellation mark (Eat your hearts out Punxsutawney)!

To get a Groundhog Day postmark, mail your stamped, addressed Groundhog Day cards or letters in a larger envelope to our USA Distribution address: Groundhog Re-Mailing, PO Box 5011, Parker, AZ 85344

GROUNDHOG DAY CARD REMAILING FROM two LOCATIONS:  Indicate your selection on the order form:  order form


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